Steel Rule Dies

We manufacture a full line of steel rule cutting dies for roller die cutters.  

A die cutter and die can reduce the cutting time of a packaged sheet to a fraction of the time that a schoolhouse paper cutter takes.  Most people don't start out with a cutter, but it can make a huge difference when quantities get large.

Corner Rounder

Round corners are essential to retail packaged product.  Square corners get dog earred and can make your package look like it's been on the shelf for 6 years instead of 6 minutes.  Our manual corner rounder makes it easy to give your skin package a professional finish.

Finishing Tools

Paper Cutter

A great way to get started is with an old fashined schoolhouse paper cutter.   A heavy duty cutter makes straight accurate cuts.

Keyhole Puncher

A sombrero type keyhole is the most accepted by stores because of its versatility.  Our pneumatic puncher makes accurate punches and makes your product hang like a work of art.