Whether you are just getting started and need a lot of help, or you are an experienced skin packager who just needs a roll of film, we want to help you.

We print and process skin board here at our facility,as well as stock all skin film, so we have the ability and flexability to accomodate your needs. Maybe you need a prototype to take to a retailer, maybe the standard lead time just isn't fast enough. Maybe you just don't need a million packages. We can help you and your unique needs.

More than just a line card...

What you need is help from someone who knows their stuff, not a salesperson with a list of things to sell. We've been helping people just like you for over 30 years.  Skin Packaging is just kind of our thing!

Everything that you need

Skin Packaging Supplies

Give us a call, and lets talk over your project, or we can help you get started.  Either way, we're going to provide you with helpful, knowledgeble service