Skin Boards, both stock and custom, printed in-house

Our niche is small to medium runs with nothing but high quality.  We offer custom runs of as little as 500 sheets with the capabilty of multiple sizes and thicknesses from 1 color scatter sheets, to 4 color process printing.  We also offer stock boards in white and several colors.

All of our skin board is printed and processed at our facility, where we've been producing skin packaging since 1984.  We won't be farming your work out to someone else.

We only print on virgin white .024 skin board that is manufactured just for skin packaging and does not need unsightly punctures for air flow.  We can however, laminate those sheets to other sheets or to corrugated to create a variety of strengths with a consistant look.

Sizes that we offer

  • 17.875 X 23.875 X .024
  • 17.875 X 23.875 X .048
  • 17.875 X 23.875 X .024 laminated to 32ECT Corrugated
  • 23.875 X 29.875 X .024 
  • 23.875 X 29.875 X .048
  • 23.875 X 29.875 X .024 laminated to 32ECT Corrugated