A skin package is made by sealing your product in between a layer of heated plastic, and one of adhesive coated paper.  

In the machine, the plastic is held in a latchable frame that travels between the oven and the vacuum area.  Once the plastic is secured and the frame raised out of the way, the paper and product is loaded into the table area and the product placed on top of the paper.  After the oven heats the plastic for a preset time, the frame lowers, the vacuum is activated, and the vacuum pulls the plastic down over the product against the paper.   The hot plastic melts the adhesive, and the paper and plastic are bonded together. 

After removal from the machine, the sheet is cut into individual cards and hanghole and rounded corners are added if needed.   To cut the cards, either a desktop paper cutter or a semi-automaticroller die cutter can be used.  

Skin Packaging Help