Stock and Custom Skin Boards for Your Packaging Needs

Protecting your goods and enhancing your brand image both require good packaging, whether you’re selling custom hardware or kitted items.

Our guidance will help you to make sure your product is adequately and attractively packed. Heat seal your products using our stock and custom skin boards to extend shelf life, present your product in a professional manner or add the ability to pre-assemble kits. 

We offer multiple thicknesses and sizes, both plain and custom printed. With our help, you can skin pack anything from a toothpick up to an anchor.

At our factory, we print the skin board, apply the heat seal coating, test and ship  in as little as 2 weeks.  Run sizes vary from  small (as little as 500 sheets) to medium runs with nothing but high-quality results. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Custom Skin Boards

We offer custom runs of as little as 500 sheets with the capability of multiple sizes and thicknesses. As a result, you can buy what you need. Options range from one-color scatter sheets to four-color process printing. Thickness include .024, ,048 and 32ECT Corrugated.

Stock Skin Boards

Stock boards are available in white, Red, Blue, Black and yellow.  

Skin Packaging Cardboard Thickness

We print on virgin white .024 skin board that is manufactured just for skin packaging and does not need unsightly punctures for airflow, so your graphics can look better. We can also laminate those sheets to other sheets or to corrugated cardboard to create a variety of strengths with a consistent look. Plain or printed corrugated with perforations, is also available for packages with more strength.

Printed In-House

All of our standard skin boards are printed and processed at our facility, where we’ve been producing skin packaging supplies since 1984. We won’t farm your work out to someone else.


Sizes We Offer


What is the difference between Skin and Blister Packaging?

Skin packaging and blister packaging are two different types of packaging commonly used in the retail industry to showcase and protect products. The main differences between these two packaging methods are:

1.    Process: Skin packaging involves placing a product on a cardboard backing and covering it with a clear plastic film that is heated until it conforms to the shape of the product, creating a vacuum seal around it. Blister packaging, on the other hand, involves placing a product in a pre-formed plastic blister or cavity and then sealing it with a cardboard backing.

2.    Appearance: Skin packaging typically offers a clearer view of the product, as the plastic film is tightly wrapped around it, while blister packaging offers a more three-dimensional view of the product, as it is contained within a raised plastic cavity.

3.    Protection: Skin packaging provides better protection against dust, dirt, and other contaminants, as the plastic film is vacuum-sealed around the product. Blister packaging, on the other hand, offers better protection against moisture and tampering, as the product is completely enclosed within a sealed plastic cavity.

4.    Cost: Skin packaging is generally less expensive than blister packaging, as it requires less plastic and cardboard material.

Overall, both skin packaging and blister packaging have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between the two depends on the specific product being packaged and the desired outcome.

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