26″ X .010 Skin Packaging Film 560ft


26″ X .010 Skin Packaging Film is ideal for products that need extra “draw”.  If a product is tall (perpendicular to the card) it will get thinner as it draws down to the sheet.  It is important to use a thicker film for such products.

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26″ X .010 Skin Packaging Film is used with all 24″ machines that load from the side and 18 X 24 machines that load from the back.


Our 26″ X .010 skin packaging films are compatible with all makes and models of skin packaging machinery

This material is always in stock and ready to ship.


A universal film for most any vacuum formed packaging application, our Type IO ionomer skin packaging film assures a crystal clear product presentation.

• Outstanding deep draw optimizes vacuum forming
• High toughness withstands multiple handling
• Top choice for card and corrugate mounted retail
• Ideal for printed and coated design options

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 26 in
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