Skin Packaging Film Protects Your Products

As One Of The Country’s Largest Distributors Of Skin Packaging Film, We Have Hundreds Of Rolls Of Skin Film In Stock And Ready To Go. Whether You Buy Film By The Roll Or Pallet, We’re Happy To Help. We Have Common Sizes In Stock, And We Also Have Access To Special Sizes And Specialty Skin Films. Order our Skin Film Or Contact Us For More Information.

***Pro Tip*** Customers Often Find It Beneficial To Keep A Couple Of Different Thicknesses Of Film In Stock When Packing A Variety Of Items. The Distance That A Film Has To Stretch, Is More Relevant That The Weight Of The Product. By Changing Rolls, You Make Sure That You Don’t Waste Film.


Skin Packaging Film Dimensions

Which film thickness is right for you?

It seems logical that the heavier the product is, the thicker your skin packaging film needs to be.  However, product thickness is a much more important factor than weight when choosing skin film thickness.   The reason for this is that during the process, the film stretches an amount that corresponds to the height and surface area of your product.  If you have a lightweight product that is  a cube 4″ X 4″ X 4″, you might need .010″ film because it needs to stretch a lot, and while the film stretches, it gets thinner.  Conversely, a heavy product that is only 1/2″ thick may be able to use the thinner .005″ film.   This would cut your plastic cost in half.

With Adhesive or Without?

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